Another day on the Farm

by Monica on May 24, 2012

Great morning with the goats. Taming the babies is very rewarding. When the babies see their mom eating from my hands and getting into my pockets for hidden treats it nudges them towards being tame. Russell, my friend from New Zealand took some fabulous pictures of the goats and I. The babies are growing so quickly. Moose & Wallace, Margarita’s twin bucklings have the first hint of their fleece starting. Jessie & Bryer; this years only new pygoras born, have the softest fleece. It is softer than silk. I look forward to full fleeces.
The afternoon was full of webpage designing and decisions. Another big thank you to Russell. I have a lot of homework to do.
The evening ended with Russell, my eldest son Morgan and I planting all the garden starts in the raised beds. Clover & various flower seeds were planted in the beds also. If all the seeds take off….. oh the color!! I’m just missing pumpkin plants and another…. oh…. maybe 4 more tomato plants. No more room in the raised beds but there is plenty of room for pumpkins in the flower plots out front and I still have plenty of large pots to house the tomatoes. Looks like a project for Saturday…


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