Trials on the Farm

by Monica on June 30, 2014

Saturday started well. A casual stroll around the yard with a cup of coffee in hand. Trim up the ‘Rose of Sharon’ hedges. Prune the low branches on a few trees. Pull weeds out in the flower beds. Just as I was going to grab a trowel and some veggie starts to transplant I hear Griff yelling from the back ’40′.
Morgan and I race down there. Waco had tangled up one of his back legs and was laid out in the berry vines…..#*%@……. It took 3 of us to pick him up, untangle his leg and carry him 15′ to a shady spot to do a first-aid check. Griff ran to the house for Arnica and scissors so Morgan & I could cut the fleece back and I could assess the damage. Waco had broken his back leg just above and below the pastern…………sigh……….
We got him in a wheelbarrow and transported him up to the house and I went to get supplies. Unexpected butcherings are definitely a sad time on the farm. Waco was a very big buck. Lifting him up to get him hung was quite the chore and dressing him out took forever. Griff was very squeamish but Morgan handled himself extremely well. There was still a couple lbs of meat left when Morgan and I quit. It was getting dark and we still had the rest of the farm chores to get done. My hands, arms and shoulders are still sore today.


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